Peppermill Projects Supports the Women’s March

January 19, 2017, By Jennifer Culpepper


January 21st was truly inspirational. Millions of women (and men) of all ages and demographics marched and gathered around the world in solidarity of women’s rights. Below are a few pictures from Annapolis and the march in Washington, D.C. where we spotted our posters. If you printed one of our poster designs for the march, we’d love to see your march pictures! Feel free to send us images at and we’ll add it to the blog.  [SEE FULL POST]

Amazon: Branding With a Message

November 30, 2016, By Jennifer Culpepper

In light of political tension and divisiveness throughout the world, one television ad stuck out to the Peppermill team last week. Just recently, Amazon released a touching advertisement that features a friendship between two religious leaders from the UK. According to the Telegraph, the names of the featured men are Rev. Gary Bradley and Zubeir Hassam, an imam. The heartfelt Amazon ad focuses on Bradley and Hassam as they chat over tea. Noticing they both experience knee pain, they simultaneously purchase each other knee pads through Amazon’s website. The spot ends with Bradley in his church, Hassam in his mosque – both kneeling to pray.


Zombie Kisses For Halloween!

October 31, 2016, By Jennifer Culpepper

The Peppermill team would like to wish our clients, partners and friends a very fun and safe Halloween! To celebrate this chocolate-filled day of tricks and treats, we created a short stop motion animation. Grab a fun sized candy bar and watch these zombie kisses get in formation! [SEE FULL POST]

How Pinterest Helps Our Branding Process

October 27, 2016, By Jennifer Culpepper

Pinterest — the internet’s greatest gift for last minute dinner decisions! No, really. The Peppermill team is often on Pinterest at 5:15pm, scrambling for a fast and healthy recipe to make after work. While this image-based social media platform is often used for home décor tips, DIY crafts and simple crock-pot meals, Pinterest is a great tool that helps our team brainstorm for the development of your brands. [SEE FULL POST]

Sell Your Brand Story, Not Your Products

October 19, 2016, By Jennifer Culpepper

We know we’re a few years late to the game, but the Peppermill Projects team has been binge watching Man Men for the past several weeks. Each morning, we come into work and breakdown the episodes and discuss the relevancy to our own world of branding and design. Don Draper, the show’s protagonist, is a Creative Director for various Manhattan advertising agencies throughout the show’s run, which takes place in the 1960s. Don does a lot of things well — womanizing, chain-smoking, day-drinking and best of all: pitching advertising concepts to clients. [SEE FULL POST]