Annapolis sisters Linda and Saleta Cameron – a doctor and former olive oil merchant, respectively – shared a dream of opening their own gourmet store. They contacted Peppermill Projects for help developing a brand identity for a concept most customers were unfamiliar with at the time: a store specializing in carefully curated olive oils and vinegars from around the world.

CHALLENGE: Promote a luxury product line in a recovering economy while developing a unique and sophisticated-yet-approachable brand identity and the accompanying website, packaging and marketing materials

SOLUTION: During the retail branding discovery phase with Cleo’s, we saw beautiful still-life paintings of fruits and vegetables created by the Cameron sisters’ mother. We knew instantly that they should be a consistent focus throughout the brand design. After all, Cleo’s is a family affair – why not include mom?

RESULTS: After two years in business and despite a more crowded oil-and-vinegar market, Cleo’s has experienced growth each year. The sisters are even considering opening a second location. And, at this year’s Annapolis Film festival, Cleo’s is featured short film, “What’s in Your Bottle?”