FedChoice Federal Credit Union is home to almost 25,000 members in the D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia areas. With a personalized approach to banking and financial needs, FedChoice serves federal civilian employees and their families.

CHALLENGE: Understanding the needs and financial goals of federal employees.

SOLUTION:  We wanted to create a fun and interactive way to survey federal employees about their financial goals. Instead of a mail or online survey, we asked one simple question: “What would you do with a million dollars?” The number was large enough to make a financial difference, but not too big that the goals were unattainable. We printed the question on colorful sticky notes and asked federal employees to share with us their million dollar dreams. All sticky notes filled out with answers were stuck to a large banner to be read by those passing by creating an interactive experience.

STATUS: The “Million Dollar Question” campaign was turned into a Washington Post ad and was incorporated branch lobbies and offices. The information we acquired was used to create new print collateral and digital campaigns that speak to federal employees and their specific needs in a more personable, creative way.