Jailbreak Brewing Company is more than a craft brewery; it’s a philosophy. It’s about breaking free from whatever constrains you and choosing to live your life to the fullest by doing what you love.

Because this is a philosophy that Peppermill Projects both supports and lives, we could relate to the Jailbreak Brewing story of a couple of guys who broke free of the chains of the corporate world to create a lifestyle doing what they love: brewing beer.

CHALLENGE: Design a logo that conveys the freedom of breaking free while incorporating unusual elements, including “Easter eggs” (a nod to the founders computer backgrounds)

SOLUTION:  We loved the idea of working with a literal jail theme, but knew it was important to create symbolism of freedom. We introduced the idea of using a jailer’s key to represent freedom with the intention of making that key logo into a bottle opener. In our collaboration with the client, they added the Easter egg: a rough Maryland shape to the bottom of the key to represent the Made in Maryland status.

STATUS: Jailbreak’s Laurel, MD brewery doors are open and they are creating quite a buzz with their unique (and delicious) brews on tap.