Live Kindly is a lifestyle brand with the mission to promote kindness. The apparel company sells t-shirts, hats and pins with part of the proceeds going towards non-profit organizations that benefit children, animals and the environment.

Challenge: With a passion for promoting kindness, our client wanted to start an apparel company to spread a movement of kindness throughout the world. The brand needed to inspire and resonate with the defined target audience of 18-25 year olds.

Solution: We created a circular logo inspired by the karmic idea of getting back what you give — kindness is contagious and will eventually come back around. Symbols of peace and kindness are subtly portrayed in the logo. The finished ecommerce website is clean, colorful and gives the backstory for the Live Kindly brand. Customers are able to share their own kindness stories and choose which organization they’d like part of their purchase to go towards.

To promote the brand and connect with the target audience, we developed social media strategies for Live Kindly to implement in-house.