LIVE KINDLY is an apparel company targeting 18-25 year olds with the mission to promote kindness. Symbols of peace and kindness are subtly portrayed in the logo. Depending on how you look at the mark, you might see a smiley face or a dove carrying a leaf in its beak.



LOFT 56 is a company that makes home furnishings and décor from reclaimed and recycled materials. The 5 in the logo is incomplete, but the brain receives cues from the 6 and the word Loft to fill in the missing pieces.


OLD OX BREWERY: The logo for this Virginia craft brewery is bold with a hint of vintage farm iconography. We added horns to this handlettering to create the ox head and form a cohesive mark. This logo received a Gold Award for logo design from Graphis and is featured in their 2015 Design Annual!


SOUTHERN LUCK, a lifestyle brand based in Southern Maryland is geared to those who love hunting, fishing and feel Southern pride. The owner also owns two tattoo shops and the logo references her artistry by using a hand-lettered design.


PEPPERMILL BINGO: To celebrate our clients, friends and family, we hosted our first ever Peppermill Bingo Night last September. We transformed the office into a classic bingo hall for a quirky happy hour that we hope to make a tradition!


EL RANCHO: The logo for this Peruvian chicken restaurant located in Oxon Hill, Maryland incorporates elements of Peruvian design and culture. The tail feathers reference the way this classic Peruvian staple is cooked over an open flame.


CENTERED SPIRIT YOGA: Becki is a fantastic private yoga instructor in the Annapolis area. The logo design for her practice represents a rippling effect of calmness, starting at the center.


KRISTI NEIDHARDT TEAM: The logo for this real estate team moves away from the traditional industry logos and incorporates her specialty—waterfront properties in the Chesapeake Bay region.


SINPLICITY CATERING: This Washington D.C. catering company has a fun tagline: “Sinfully Delicious.” We stuck with the original color palette the company had used for years and updated the logo with a playful dichotomy.


BLUESTONE ENTERPRISES is a counter-intelligence consulting company for corporate and state and local law enforcement agencies. Each triangle in the logo represents pieces of knowledge coming together to form the lighting bolt.


SPARK POINT FUNDRAISING is a consulting firm dedicated to helping nonprofits achieve their missions. The S in the logo acts as the fuse for the spark, which is “ignited” when the firm consults with their clients to advance fundraising strategies.