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Old Ox was founded by a local Virginia family who made beer for fun, before taking the leap to start a craft brewery.

CHALLENGE: Our challenge was to create a strong and memorable logo to help them stand out in a wildly creative industry.

SOLUTION: During our brand discovery, Peppermill Projects developed the personification of the old ox, a retired farmer turned brewmaster. After a long life of hard work and hard living, Old Ox has transferred his passion for farming to beer-making. With the determination and steadfastness of an old ox, he never settles for less than perfection. That’s what makes his beer so good.

RESULT: After developing this personality, we designed a logo that was bold with a hint of vintage farm iconography. We added horns to this hand-lettered, typographic solution to create the ox head and form a cohesive mark.

This project received a Gold Award for logo design from Graphis and is featured in their 2015 Design Annual.