Roberta Pardo, an art rep, founded Urban Walls Brazil to create an exchange between cultures and open the art market between the United States and Brazil. Urban Walls houses Brazilian street artists in Annapolis, where they are able to interact with local artists and work on community art projects and murals. She came to Peppermill with the need for a logo and website to promote and draw attention to this ongoing urban art project.

Challenge: Develop a brand that appealed to street artists looking for representation, as well as galleries looking to showcase artist work.

Solution: The logo was given a distressed look to reference the urban landscape and use of graffiti. The website uses a black and white color palette to represent an artist’s canvas, with red as the accent color to symbolize the boldness of street art. Just as street art brightens urban landscapes, the pops of color bring the website to life.

Result: Artists from Urban Walls Brazil have visited the Annapolis area several times throughout the last two years to adorn the city with beautiful murals. Projects can be seen in the Annapolis Design District, Maryland Hall, and Indian Creek School. We’re currently in the process of helping Urban Walls develop the first street art festival for Annapolis.