Speak to Your Target Audience Without Jargon

October 12, 2016, By Jennifer Culpepper

When you create messaging or content for your potential customers, it’s easy to assume that your audience understands the context or has some background knowledge of your industry. Every industry has their own terminology and jargon that outsiders might not understand — especially when it comes to healthcare, banking or any other service-related business. Reading articles, brochures or websites can become overwhelming and intimidating. When consumers struggle to understand what your company is telling them or if the messaging seems pretentious, it may be off-putting and they might lose interest. [SEE FULL POST]

Market Research Is Boring…If You Let It Be

July 16, 2015, By Jennifer Culpepper

When you think of “Market Research” it’s possible you might start to feel panicky. Maybe you even started falling asleep just reading the words. Technically speaking, market research is any organized effort to gather information about target markets, audiences or customers. Research. Ugh! Statistical and analytical methods? It sounds like a branding buzzkill. [SEE FULL POST]