Sell Your Brand Story, Not Your Products

October 19, 2016, By Jennifer Culpepper

We know we’re a few years late to the game, but the Peppermill Projects team has been binge watching Man Men for the past several weeks. Each morning, we come into work and breakdown the episodes and discuss the relevancy to our own world of branding and design. Don Draper, the show’s protagonist, is a Creative Director for various Manhattan advertising agencies throughout the show’s run, which takes place in the 1960s. Don does a lot of things well — womanizing, chain-smoking, day-drinking and best of all: pitching advertising concepts to clients. [SEE FULL POST]

Happy First Anniversary, Nicole!

January 13, 2016, By Jennifer Culpepper

Exactly one year ago today, our Writer and Snack Master, Nicole Anegon Bailey joined the Peppermill Projects team. Within 365 days, the Peppermill staff has gained 10 pounds thanks to her love for morning, afternoon and early evening snacks. She’d have you believe that her strong snack game is what we love best. But in addition to delicious treats, Nicole brings fun, creativity, and the latest Twitter updates. Clients have praised her ability to find their perfect voice… not to mention her spot-on Manitowoc County accent (yeah?).