10 Questions to Help Build Your Brand in 2017

January 11, 2017, By Jennifer Culpepper

The new year brings new changes and challenges to any business, small or large. Now that we’re into the first few weeks of 2017, it’s likely you have thought of some New Year’s resolutions for yourself and for your business. We challenge you to nix the cliche resolutions (though there’s nothing wrong with a gym membership!) and create tangible goals. Resolutions are easily broken, but goals are achievable and provide you with something to work towards.


The Importance of Packaging Design

July 12, 2016, By Jennifer Culpepper

Whoever said not to judge a book by its cover never walked the aisles of a grocery store! How do you choose what product to purchase if you’ve never tried it? Price may be a factor in your choice, but for premium products, perceived quality is more likely to be the deciding factor. Often the packaging design is what convinces a customer that your product is worth trying out. If you’re like us, you choose your wine, beer, salad dressing, etc. by the packaging or label first. Then, if it’s good, you keep buying it and become a loyal customer. So, what defines good packaging? [SEE FULL POST]