Mother’s Day Cards: A Look At Our Favorites

May 7, 2015, By Jennifer Culpepper

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, so if you haven’t bought a card yet, shame on you! Don’t you love your mother?! Just kidding, we haven’t bought ours yet either, but we have been looking at some really awesome card designs online and in stores. Whatever you do, don’t send your mom a mean note like our Marketing Strategist, Nicole did when she was younger. Take a look at her evil, yet hilarious letter below along with some of our favorite Mother’s Day greeting card designs! [SEE FULL POST]

Bmore Love: A Better Baltimore

May 5, 2015, By Jennifer Culpepper

As we watched the events and uprising unfold in Baltimore, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of helplessness. What can we do to make a difference? How can a design firm in Annapolis bring change and healing to our neighbors in Baltimore? We decided we should do what we do best: create. Through art, we can help bridge political and social boundaries as well as begin the healing process for the citizens of Baltimore and our nation as a whole. [SEE FULL POST]