10 Questions to Help Build Your Brand in 2017

January 11, 2017, By Jennifer Culpepper

The new year brings new changes and challenges to any business, small or large. Now that we’re into the first few weeks of 2017, it’s likely you have thought of some New Year’s resolutions for yourself and for your business. We challenge you to nix the cliche resolutions (though there’s nothing wrong with a gym membership!) and create tangible goals. Resolutions are easily broken, but goals are achievable and provide you with something to work towards.


3 Reasons It’s Time To Update Your Website

November 17, 2015, By Jennifer Culpepper

At Peppermill Projects, we know the value of a good looking and functioning website. In the last 10 years, how websites should look has changed. We have come a long way from the horrifying GeoCities, thankfully! Your company’s website is usually your first impression and selling piece. If you don’t have a brick & mortar store, your website is most certainly your storefront. Except you can’t put up a closed sign at 6pm. It’s accessible 24/7 and available for the world to see whenever and wherever. That’s the beauty of a company’s website. It’s making sales even when the employees have clocked out.